The Bohemian Catholic’s Benedict Option


This autumn, in the dim, flicker of lamplight, we’ve been talking over our little family’s shifting focus. We’re longing to step farther outside the wide-world to build a stronger domestic monastery among the trees.

We’re looking at stepping up into new intentions for our woodland life, and as we do, I find myself turning back toward the concept of ‘The Benedict Option’.

We’ve noticed the slow intrusion of distractions creeping in recently. Some necessary to this new, home-based life we’re building; some good and beautiful; but others neither necessary nor good. Labels, ideas, habits, engagements cluttering up the quiet. And so we’re purging the diminishing distractions so that the good and necessary ones have room to grow.

Essentially, that just means we’re taking this season to drive down deep into a slow, seasonal, Catholic style intentionality. Think hygge – but extra bohemian.

I’m reclaiming my sense of cyganeria, something I feel I’ve allowed to diminish in the past two years.

In his Benedict Option, Dreher breaks down the essentials as he sees them for building up communities. My essentials are different, but, I think they come from the same intention: to build communities that shape strong, healthy, sacramental imaginations:

  • Hospitality
  • Sustainability
  • Beauty
  • Cultural Renewal
  • Radicality
  • Mystery

What do you think?

My intention is to work through this list here, and in my own journal to help me build my own, bohemian Benedict Option in my wild little hermitage. Come join me!

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